Letters to Son

Montpelia, Pendleton, S Ca
17 May 1843
No. 55
Sam Augs Maverick
Dear Son

Your letter, Perote 16 March & New Orleans 22 Apl come to me 30 Apr 1843. I hope you have brot. away at least a link of the chain, as I have often wished that my father had the handcuffs from the old Jersey prison ship (1778) that on the goodness of God, your grandchildren may hold the iron in their hands, & see the inscrutable working of his allmighty power.

Mary will show you a Copy of Col. B E Bees intersesion, asking for S A M release of Santa Anna, in my letter Nov. 8 1842 to Genl Waddy Thompson as a personal favour to himself & here inclosed is my letter to Genl Santa Anna, you will forward it—Via New Orleans to him or keep it in yr. hands or let it go no further just as you think best,——but be sure to look up to the living God and trust in him he will open your eyes, your ears, your understanding & will direct your ways. Kneel down & put your mouth in the dust, remember the nothingness of man, and the all sufficiency of God.

O merciful god what returns have we to make to thee O emptiness and nothingness, as we would that other poor mortals should do to us, so must we do to them—if Texas would be great she must be good, if she would say to the natives of that country we have come here with arts & science, we invite you to join us if you think proper, join and become Citizens of our community & enjoy a full share of our laws, we come not to rob you but to search you out, as our naked & lost brethren, come live with us, and learn the use of the plow & the loom & let us all live in the house of our common parent, as brothers & friends: We guarrantee to you all your lands to you & your children forever, be governed by your own laws as long as you think best.

If we would be honest & just ourselves and act thus, we would be in the presence of God, we would have his constant blessing, but Christian man will not do so, he does not beleave in the providence of God, but having the use of iron & a few arts, he is bewildered by his own foolary, and becomes the comon enemy of all Men, even of himself, he opresses where he can, and is himself opressed in his turn, we have the remedy but prefer the disease. I wrote 1st May to S Seyle told him that I had heard that you were unchaine on 18th May at Perote (W. T. to his wife) I urged him to attend to yr. affairs & before the mail started I got yr. 22d. Apr I then wrote him to be ready for your order that I knew you was in want of yr. money. . . .

Mars letter A/c int to Lydia Ann just came & found L. A. & Sam & William & Zeruah Elizabeth here with me on a visit. W. V[an] W[yck] was up [a] few days ago they are all well. I have writen to Jos. Thompson & to S A M Weyman, requesting those 3 Weyman children to come to me to go to school here. I am uneasy on a/c Eliz not being at school. . . . Mary wrote us of the birth of a Daughter & that she was unwell we hope for the best

* * *

Thanks to god for ever & ever
S Maverick
I wish you were all here with me

Montpelier, Pendleton, S Ca
Sunday 25th Feby 1844
No. 58
Dear Son

. . . I wish you and your family were all here, you runn too great a Risque at present to be ingaged in the armey after being taken prisoner twice before—it is not worth while to become a marter for such people, my father suffered everything, was taken a prisoner & hand-cuffed on Board the old jersey prision ship, off New York, for Eleven months, then exchanged & turned on shore without one Cent had neither hat or shoes & then walked on foot to Charleston with a dropsey of which he afterward died had three of his Ribbs broken lost every thing that he had & then his life, in the defence of American Liberty,—and you know what honours has been paid to his son & to the sons of such men, if Mexico should declair yr indipindance, then you will, personally be at law & war with a mob of land claimants, and I fear end your days as I shall in torment in trying to defend yr. honest rights from a host of the lowest scamps in creation. . . .

The best interest of Texas as with all peoples is truth & honesty, to treat the Indians the real owners of the Country with humanity & justice, even if they have not sence now to see it—Yet the God of all power will See & reward the just in time & eternity we must trust in him alone to open our eyes our ears our understandings & our wills. . . .

If you do not take care of yourself, no one will. You have 4 little children & I will be off the stage soon—if you loose yr life these children may be turned from the doors in the streets of Bexar & refused a Crust of bread; after the Am. War I had no friend to pay one Quarter schooling or give me a Pen Knife or Quill or 1/2 Quire paper, my father was dead & I had not a dollar in the world, my Grandmother & mother was good & the allmighty pityed and helped me on their account & high & holey be his name forever—My best love to Mary Saml Lewis Agatha & yourself
S Maverick
I have heard nothing new about annexation
Write often as possible

this instant come to hand the Charleston Mercury—25th, says the messenger conveying a trety of annexation Texas to Un States never reached the Executive untill the adjournment of the Texas Congress—& therefore the next news we expect to hear from that Quarter is that President Houston has issued his proclamation calling Congress together to ratify

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